It works!

This is the default welcome page used to greet new visitors. If you don't know me yet, here's some information about me: My name is Tassilo (m/17), I visit a high school in Munich, Germany. I am a 17 years old computer enthusiast and do mostly software development in my freetime. I am very experienced in Java, PHP, Lua, CSS and JavaScript. I am on my way to learn more about C++, C#, C and Python. Although I don't like Python because everyone uses it and many people that clearly know dogshit about development claim to be an experienced developer because they can make small Python applications.

Anyways, sorry for the rant about Python. If you landed here by simply entering my URL into your browser, then you might aswell leave again. There is not much you can do here. If you have used a link to my site and for some reason got redirected to the index page, please contact me!

Project Repositories

You can nearly find all my public repositories on my GitHub profile. I do have a lot of private repositories though, so don't get confused as to why I have made so many commits last year but none of them show up.

Some old, un-released or other projects are also not on GitHub because I deem them to not be good enough for that. So make sure to also check out my CDN if you cannot find the project you were looking for.

Reporting Problems

If you need to report a problem, or need contact me due to any other issue, feel free to hit me up on Discord: TASSIA#5509.

Please make sure to be descriptive and specific in your message, so it's easy for me to respond to you as fast as possible.